About Us

ProHire began running January 1, 2011 after a year of advancement by a group of Recruitment, IT, SEO and Social Media specialists collaborating to develop cutting edge working with technology.

From eviction, ProHire had the ability to source much better prospects than customers had actually been getting with single job boards or paper advertisements.

Our History

Our parent company was initially established in 1988 with the very first work papers in Canada and the United States.

The company then branched off into supplying technology to job boards and business profession websites. In 2010, seeing the change in how people were browsing and being linked to tasks they took a big leap of faith and formed ProHire.


Why ProHire Was Formed

In the year 2000, papers lost their strangle hang on work advertisements and online job boards took control of. 2000 was the peak year for the big nationwide job boards and from there the marketplace ended up being progressively more fragmented.

Countless job boards opened, people began go to Google to look for tasks and as the years went on social media ended up being a crucial place to source and link to tasks. The pie was fragmented into countless pieces.